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For those interested to participate in the plantation activities of ArBolivia, should own a small-scale farm in one of the project areas and contact our promotion staff in the field offices located in:


San Carlos, Santa Cruz
Carretera Principal Cbba-Santa Cruz, 500 mts al oeste de la localidad
Teléfono: (591) 3-9352063 


Rurrenabaque, Beni
Calle Vaca Diez, esquina Huachalla
Teléfono: (591) 3-8922176


For those interested in investing in our Project, please contact through Sicirec Group NL or Ethical Investments UK


For further information or questions about ArBolivia please contact us through:

Mailbox 6511 Cochabamba, Bolivia
Phone: (591) 4 4485119


Or using the form below:


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Trompillo de altura

Trompillo de altura

Trompillo is a tree specie that forms part of the tropical rainforests and develops well on loam to silt-loam soils with improved drainage.The tree has a wide treetop piramid shaped and reaches a hight of 25 to 30 meters altitud and o,8 m diameter. The cortex is of a clear coffee colour with large white fissured spots.The timber has a

After -
Before After

INVERSIONES EN EL SECTOR FORESTAL “CAPTURA DE CARBONO Y PRODUCCIÓN DE MADERA” A TRAVÉS DE LA REFORESTACIÓN POR PEQUEÑOS AGRICULTORESProyecto implementado por la Asociación Accidental Cetefor-Sicirec Proyecto para las zonas de colonización del Trópico de Cochabamba, la Provincia Abel Iturralde (La Paz), José Ballivián (Beni) y la Provincia Ichilo (Santa Cruz)