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For those interested to participate in the plantation activities of ArBolivia, should own a small-scale farm in one of the project areas and contact our promotion staff in the field offices located in:


San Carlos, Santa Cruz
Carretera Principal Cbba-Santa Cruz, 500 mts al oeste de la localidad
Teléfono: (591) 3-9352063 


Rurrenabaque, Beni
Calle Vaca Diez, esquina Huachalla
Teléfono: (591) 3-8922176


For those interested in investing in our Project, please contact through Sicirec Group NL or Ethical Investments UK


For further information or questions about ArBolivia please contact us through:

Mailbox 6511 Cochabamba, Bolivia
Phone: (591) 4 4485119


Or using the form below:


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Tejeyeque, comercially known as Arabina, is a tree specie adecuate for agroforestry sistems for its rapid development and soil improvement.The specie can be asociated with agroforestry species that need temperature asociarse con especies agroforestales that need regulation of temperature and parcial shade such as cafe and cacao. At the same time these products benefit from an improved soil fertility provided

After -
Before After

Feasibility Study Madidi and Pilon Lajas

Feasibility Study Madidi and Pilon Lajas

Feasibility Study: Carbon sequestration and support to nature conservation by the implementation of sustainable management of the forest resources in the buffer zone of the protected areas; Madidi and Pilón Lajas