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Mision, vision and Goals


ArBolivia together with local rural smallholders promotes rural and productive development through reforestation activities, forestry plantation management and the provision of environmental services that generates economic resources and equal benefits for all parts involved.


ArBolivia establishes forestry production and environmental services in the project areas, through its reforestation activities towards carbon sequestration, commercial timber production, integral farm planning, and the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, in association with local small holders in Bolivia and outside investors.


Sustainable land use and environmental services

  • Integral farm planning aimed at improved and sustainable land use with a total participation of 1500 smallholders
  • On-farm establishment of 5000 has of small scale commercial forestry plantations
  • On-farm establishment of 1,200 hectares of permanently protected ecological corridors
  • On-farm establishment of 1,000 hectares of agroforestry or silvopastoral plantations
  • Production of a continuous flow of export quality hardwood timber and improved market access
  • Certification of the plantations according to different international standards for sustainable forestry


Benefits for smallholders

  • Reduction of initial investments required for forestry plantation (up to 55% of their direct investment costs)
  • Livelihood improvement through incomes generates from timber sale of the plantation under fair trade conditions
  • Training and capacity building on sustainable land use and forestry
  • Strengthening current structures of cooperation between local farmers
  • Assured commercialization of produced timber under fair-trade conditions
  • Access to microcredit, with trees as collateral.


Benefits for investors

  • Positive cash flow after 10 years
  • An attractive return of investment
  • Exit facilities
  • Social and environmental gain




Tejeyeque, comercially known as Arabina, is a tree specie adecuate for agroforestry sistems for its rapid development and soil improvement.The specie can be asociated with agroforestry species that need temperature asociarse con especies agroforestales that need regulation of temperature and parcial shade such as cafe and cacao. At the same time these products benefit from an improved soil fertility provided

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