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How do we work

In General:

Sicirec Bolivia ltda a social company is responsible for ArBolivia's management and implements all reforestation activities in joint-venture with interested rural smallholders. The responsibilities and tasks for both the smallholders and ArBolivia in order to execute reforestation activities, are arranged under a contractual agreement that confirms and transparents the business association.

The smallholders make an in-kind investment of land and labor required for site preparation, tree planting and plantation maintenance, while ArBolivia is responsible for the elaboration of land use plans, capacity building, site selection, production and transport of seedlings and technical support to the participating smallholders.

During the entire growth cycle the smallholders receive periodic payments for land preparation, tree planting and annual maintenance, after a technical verification and approval in order to assure their commitment and aleviate their labour investments.

Afterwards, Sicirec will handle the harvesting, prefabrication and commercialization of the produced timber, as well as its possible certification against international recognized standards, to enhance market prices. As estblished under the contractual agreements smallgolders will recieve 50% of the net revenues obtaines from the timber sale.

Field Implementation:

The execution of the activities in the field and its supervision are structured under ArBolivia's management plan according to quality norms of the ISO 9000-9004 guidelines in order to assure:


  • Professional guidance towards technical personal on how to realize, perform and document their activities
  • Obtaining constant, current, and verifiable information on the actual status of the plantations and plant production nurseries
  • Quality control and assurance of the results and activities reported from the field units
  • Dynamic intervention directed towards improving the quality and impact of the activities related to the plantations


Quality Control & Assurance:

The specific products or results to be achieved by each unit must be realized according to Standard Operational Procedures and technical protocols, indicating precisely how activities have to be completed in order to guarantee the uniform quality of each result.


Processes and Products of ArBolivia:

All the activities executed and results achieved by the operational units of ArBolivia are documented, subject to quality control, verifiable and systematized within the the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit. The Data Base of ArBolivia is accessible exclusively for members, providing a constant information on the advances made in the field and the status quo of the implemented plantations.

The quality control over the results is realized by the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit through the  reviision of the documented results delivered by all operational units, as well as the in-field verification of this data according to the established operational procedures. The results of the control are reported on a monthly basis to the Project Management.


Production of tree seedlings
Destined for forestry plantations, agroforestry
and protection

            Forestry plantation of Serebó
         (Schizolobium amazónico)
  Timber harvest is expected around15 years after planting

Silvipastoral Systems
Livestock combined with forestry


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Trompillo (de altura)

Trompillo (de altura)

¿QUE SUELOS SON APTOS PARA EL TROMPILLO?Es una especie que forma parte del bosque húmedo tropical, se desarrolla mejor en suelos con textura franca a francos limosos bien drenados, no es apto en suelos con inundación de periodos largos.¿COMO SE DESARROLLA EL TROMPILLO?Este árbol se caracteriza por tener una copa grande de forma piramidal con hojas compuestas, alternas, tronco recto

After -
Before After

Analysis of crop production in settlers areas in the pre-amazon

Analysis of crop production in settlers areas in the pre-amazon

Analysis of crop production in the pre-amazon